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Custom Clearance

Customs clearance of goods - a mandatory component of international transportation. Despite the fact that the world is becoming more open, customs control persists in many countries. Customs clearance in Russia has a lot of nuances and often brings a lot of trouble as the sender and recipient of the goods. Improper preparation of necessary documents can cause serious time delays and financial losses.

The company Famcor Shipping " offers services in customs clearance of goods in different regions of Russia, at the border crossings, in the largest airports in Russia.

Our custom clearance services include:

  1. Comprehensive training and a thorough check of all documents required for customs clearance;
  2. Registration of the company at the customs post;
  3. Assistance in obtaining permits all kinds (classification decisions, hygiene certificates, certificates of conformity and others);
  4. Calculation of necessary customs payments;
  5. Remote release with electronic signature;
  6. Bonded transit clearance in the airports of Moscow;
  7. Advice on customs clearance