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Cargo Insurance

International freight governed by many complex regulations and international conventions. These agreements limit the liability of the carrier when the insured event, and for the most part, the amount of responsibility attached to the weight of the cargo, which often does not cover the actual cost of the goods.

We recommend that you insure expensive goods, light loads (ie. A. When the insured limit of liability will be much lower than the real value of the goods). Also on the cargo insurance requirement is often prescribed in the contracts of sale of goods.

The insurance amount can be up to 110% of the cargo value. The insurance may also include protection of goods, customs duties and freight charges. Insurance rates are formed on the basis of specific conditions of transportation: type of cargo and its cost, the chosen mode of transport, the total distance. Depending on these parameters, the value of tariffs can range from 0.15% to 0.8% of the value of the cargo.