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Oil and Gas Storage

We have a strategic signed cooperation agrrement with major ports of russia and with port of rotterdam to increase our tank farm capacity for storage and cargo of oil products.

The geographic focus of LLC Farcom Shipment in pipeline and Storage facilities cover all the major Russian ports of the Black Sea, Far East, Volga-Don basin port and Northern-Western regions. The storage network and shipment facilities through the use of specialized and standard equipment gives us the opportunities to efficiently place different grades of crude into the market.

We have tanks designed for various grades of petroleum products and equipped with the standard heating and temperature-controlled devices.

The cooperation agreements for the storage and Cargo of oil products with Russian ports:

  1. Primorsk Commercial Port
  2. Saint Petersburg Commercial Port
  3. Novorossiysk Commercial Port
  4. Ust-Luga Sea Port
  5. Vladivostok Sea Port
  6. Port of Rotterdam